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More and more young people hesitate to reach out for help.

Some feel as if they are unimportant, ignored, or overlooked.

Some are scared to reach out to a professional or adult.

Some think they are too insignificant to be a concern.

BUT fellow teens understand.

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Browse our available team members, and find one that shares common interests.


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  • Available to anyone who has internet access.

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  • Stands are set up at various places across Santa Clarita.

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Become a Trained Peer Counselor

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  • Complete a monitored training course in order to become a peer counselor.

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Who We Are

Mental wellness is our top priority. Lucy's Psychiatry aims to embrace individuals who may not feel comfortable talking about their mental wellness needs with family, professionals, or other people in their lives. As such, we want to encourage others to consult in their peers. As young people growing up in this digitized age, our team understands how much connection matters in our daily lives.
Respect and privacy of others is at the helm of our mission. We strictly enforce 100% confidentiality practices.
Each of our peer-counselors are trained and complete a "Positive Psychiatry and Mental Wellness" course through the University of Sydney. We are ready to talk with warmth and care.