What are your qualifications?

All our counselors undergo a rigorous training course that ensures they are ready to talk with respect and empathy at the forefront. This includes lessons from the University of Sydney and thoughtful discussions on scenarios of real world circumstances.

What makes your approach different/more desirable from other counseling services?

One-on-one mental wellness resources can be expensive or uncomfortable to approach. We get that.  Our diverse and trained peer-counselors with 100% authenticity and zero strings attached.

Will we know who we are talking to? For future services, can we request to talk to the same person?

Yes, the name of your counselor will appear beside each appointment slot when you schedule a meeting. If you decide that you want to talk to the same counselor, simply schedule another appointment on their individual calendar.

How will my information stay confidential?

Each counselor is held to a standard of respect for others' privacy. There is a no tolerance policy for breaking confidentiality. The necessary consequences will be carried out if this policy is broken and the counselor will be removed immediately.

How long is each session?

Each appointment is set to be 30 minutes long with the counselor of choice. Of course, it is perfectly okay to schedule multiple sessions back to back if you would like more time. 

How often will we be able to set appointments?

There is no limit to how many appointments you can schedule.

With the pandemic, how will you be able to offer the same quality service?

Your safety is our first priority. Our services are available over an online call for those uncomfortable with in-person appointments. You have the option to video call or audio call with your counselor.

What professional services can you provide if an issue that we are unable to handle arises?

Every counselor is provided with a list of resources. If there comes a situation that requires assistance that is beyond them, the counselor will refer you to these professional services for more help.