Hello. Nice to meet you!

Everyone on our team is part of the young community of SCV and have struggled through the mental wellness issues our school district fails to address. We strive to support our peers through their high school endeavors.

Hey I'm Caitlin! I like to run and create music. I hope to become a trauma surgeon or work in healthcare in the future. Positive mental health for myself and those around me is something that I believe should be a priority. 

Caitlin Ong

Our Operations Team

Jonah Shah

Operations Manager

Hi, I'm Jonah! I strive to be the best human-being I can and want to create a lasting impact on my community. The things I love are Will Ferrell movies, dancing, laughing and learning what inspires others. I think it’s important to help the community any way I can. We have to do our part to help others get through this crazy time


Abby Chen

(Creative Director)

Heyo I’m Abby Chen! I’m a current student at USC in the School of Cinematic Arts. I’m really interested in design, immersive media, and illustration. A food connoisseur and music enthusiast, I enjoy connecting with people and creating art that impacts people’s lives.


Christine Riel

(Creative Director)

Hey guys! My name is Christine Riel and I am a senior at West Ranch High School. I love to talk to people and I consider myself a pretty bubbly person. I love photography and fashion and I hope to work in the fashion industry in the future.

Our Peer Counselors

Hi I’m Peter, a senior at west ranch, and I love the environment! Through Lucy’s Psychiatry, I hope to improve the well-being of the students who are struggling with their mental wellness.

Peter Suh
faheem bio.jpg

Hey y’all! I’m Faheem Rahman, I’m currently a sophomore at Castaic High School. Times have been really isolating recently, and it’s ok to feel a sudden decline in your well being. Just know that that I’m here to listen, and find the right resources you need to feel better. I’m excited to be a peer counselor and get to know some of you.

Faheem Rahman
krysta bio.jpg

Hi! My name is Krysta Mendoza and I am a senior at West Ranch High School! I am interested in mental health and wellness especially following this pandemic and want to have a career in fashion design in the near future

Krysta Mendoza
shaira bio.jpg

Shaira Busnawi is a junior at West Ranch High School. Shaira is the captain of the tennis team and is passionate about helping others. She hopes to pursue a future in law.

Shaira Busnawi
sydney bio.jpg

Sydney is a senior at West Ranch High School. She is very dedicated and passionate about lending a hand to others.

Sydney McDonald
shaya bio.jpg

Hi! My name is Shaya, and I’m a senior at West Ranch High School. I love fantasy books and animated movies. I also love to draw. A lot.

Shaya Godycki
eric luo

Hi I am Eric! I'm a senior at West Ranch High School. During the pandemic, I have been working to create transformative solutions to the issues that the COVID-19 has unearthed in SCV. I am always willing to help someone who needs it and will always try my best to do what I promise.

Eric Luo

Hey! My name is Andy Lee and I am a Senior at West Ranch! I enjoy making clothes and working on my car. This year especially, I want to make sure that mental wellness is a top priority at schools for students.

Andy Lee
heidi bio.jpg

Hi! My birth name is Isada, but my nickname is Heidi. I prefer to be referred to as Isada on paper, but Heidi in-person. My pronouns are she/her and I’m currently interested in urban architecture with a focus in sustainability. I spend most of my time listening to all kinds of music (except American country) and reading fiction. I am an introvert, but I love learning about different cultures through other people. I am always open to meeting new people.

Isada Arromdee
zoe bio.jpg

Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m a senior at Valencia High School who loves to talk with other people and find creative solutions!

Zoe Monterola
maria bio.jpg

Hii! I’m currently a junior at Academy of the Canyons. In my free time I love to play the piano. I also love baking new desserts, especially anything with chocolate. Serving my community and helping people has always been a goal of mine since I was a kid. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in the medical field.

Maria Mathew

 Hi! I'm Jathin & a junior at AOC. I wanted to become a part of this project because of the growing need for mental wellness care in our society, especially amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. I'm doing my part & hoping to alleviate the tensions & stress that people might get to help in any way I can.

Jathin Korrapati

Hi! My name is Jenine Mariano and I am a senior. I love building human connections and i am very passionate about physical and mental health. I am a curious person who strives to learn new things everyday in hopes to change A world.

Jenine Mariano

hi im rachel and im a senior at west ranch! i have a stubborn passion for the holistic well-being of animals. 

Rachel Oh
ashton bio.jpg

Hey there! My name is Ashton Millner and I’m very excited and blessed to have the opportunity to help and work with new people! I love serving and getting to know/connect with others. I love to surf, play tennis and be there for friends, loved ones and whoever wants help and advice✝️

Ashton Millner

Hey guys! My name is Christine Riel and I am a senior at West Ranch High School. I love to talk to people and I consider myself a pretty bubbly person. I love photography and fashion and I hope to work in the fashion industry in the future.

Christine Riel
ansen bio.jpg

Hi, my name is Ansen Chen. I am a junior at Valencia High School. I hope to provide a space for people to open up and feel safe. A little bit about me is that I am very passionate about sports and arts. I also love to just chill and listen to music.

Ansen Chen

Hello, my name is Geo Kim and I go to Valencia high school as a Junior...

(idk what else to put)

Geo Kim
More Amazingly Helpful People
kenneth bio.jpg

I'm Kenneth, a senior at West Ranch High School. I have a passion for interior architecture and I aspire to become an interior architect. I want to create new experiences that target different ideas such as mental wellness.

Kenneth Sohn
alex bio.jpg

Hi!! I'm a senior at Valencia High School who is passionate about the cultural and practical arts. I love to express my creativity through hands-on problem solving and want to contribute my talents to make a difference in our community.

Alex Yang
clara bio.jpg

Art has been of paramount influence to my life, shaping my experiences and who I am and want to be. Through some all-nighters, this pandemic has allowed my art to be on showcased on digital platforms that will reach and positively influence many communities.

Minju (Clara) Kim
madyson bio.jpg

Hi, I am Madyson and I am a Senior at West Ranch! I love everything that as has to do with cinema and film production! I have been playing golf for the last 5 years and I am still not good haha. In my free time I watch movies and one of my favorite movies is La La Land. I love Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel!

Madyson Martin
(media creator)
ethan lin bio 2.jpg

I'm a patient and logical person who loves producing content.  I also enjoy music of all genres.

Ethan Lin
cami bio.jpg

Cami Armendariz is a senior at West Ranch High School. She is always open to share her interests and love of being outside and will be there to listen and help out others.

Cami Armendariz

Hi, my name is Hannah Chung and I am a senior at West Ranch High School. Living in a smoky haze of a pandemic and injustic filled world, I wanted to take part in a project that would cultivate a space where students can work through personal issues to elevate each other's happiness.

Hannah Chung