How did we get here?

We noticed...

Now more than ever, young people are struggling with their mental wellness. The pandemic has affected the way we interact with others and view ourselves. We are left behind with thoughts that had not been there before or trauma that would have been unimaginable otherwise. However, during a time when we are most vulnerable, we can rely on one another for the support we need.

This is our chance...

Interaction through something other than mass media is necessary. We can reach out to teens and give them the opportunity to authentically connect with people their age. By doing this, we encourage young people to talk about their troubles instead of keeping it to themselves. We as fellow teens can make that as easy as possible without the intimidating adults and offices.

The Master Plan!

We took inspiration from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts series and Lucy’s yellow stand meant to welcome kids her age. Charlie Brown, like many teens in our generation struggles with their mental wellness. So we decided to adapt this idea to fit the needs of our own community. 


We recognized that we are held to a very high level of accountability. The proper training for our counselors is essential.

We stripped the most crucial information and lessons from a course curated by the University of Sydney and altered it to fit our needs.


*this is the course we used

Our counselors then learned how to respond appropriately to hypothetical situations through a hands-on learning portion guided by a psychology student.

How We are Going to Connect with Others

Originally staying true to the  cartoon, we began building stands similar to the one Lucy built.

However, we realized that we needed to make changes to our model in order to accommodate for those in quarantine.

We set up an online scheduling system that would allow teens to meet with their counselor virtually. Contact-less appointments could be booked whenever students need.

Our Brand

We decided to use these colors because they are the hex values used in the cartoon.








We first chose these fonts:

Title: Comfortaa Regular

Subtitle: Comfortaa Regular

Body Text: Bubbler One Regular

Accents: Covered By Your Grace

Then, we decided that we wanted a simpler look:

Title: Circular Std Bold

Subtitle: Circular Std Bold

Body Text: Metric Medium

Our logo is a rough outline of Lucy herself reaching out for a heart, just as we want to reach out to others with warmth.

Ultimately, we hope... 

that our efforts will shed light on the wellness needs of our generation and are able to support those needs.

to be a positive impact on the mental health of our peers.

to help those who would otherwise not speak up about their struggles.